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My leadership philosophy has been part of my personal life and the foundation upon which two careers were built. It’s the way I raised my children and it’s what has differentiated me and created my competitive advantage.

At Coastal Carolina it’s the philosophy upon which our entire football program has been built. We are the ONLY team in the country that has NO rules, just ONE STANDARD.

We call it BAM: Be A Man. But this is not meant to be sexist. In our football program, we have about 125 male players and another 25 coaches, analysts, and interns—all of whom are male—so, BAM resonates.

But being a man is not about being a tough macho guy. Real men, real women and real leaders:

  • Stand on their own two feet
  • Take responsibility for themselves
  • Treat others with dignity and respect
  • Live with the consequences of their actions

We are also the only football program that devotes 30 minutes of practice weekly so the team can meet with me to discuss things that are going on in the world that should matter to our players. There is no talk of football, but plenty of references to BAM.

In 160 years of college football, the only program whose entire team voted was Coastal Carolina’s in November 2016. That’s because of BAM.

While I didn’t call it BAM for my executive leadership team, both male and female, nor for my three daughters while they were growing up, it’s the same standard to which they were held accountable.